Microsoft updates, explains Mango app rules

Microsoft is gearing up for the release of its new version of Windows Phone, popularly known as Mango.

In preparation, the company explained in a blog post what developers need to do so they don’t lose any traction when the update goes live.

Specifically, Microsoft is encouraging developers to update their existing Windows Phone apps now so that they’ll be compatible with the new OS.

“Knowing that on average people update their apps every three to four months, this October timeframe provides assurance that you that you can submit 7.5 apps today and still have access to your 7.0 app well before the next update is required,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Previously, developers who updated their apps for the Mango architecture noticed they were no longer able to update their Windows Phone 7 software. Microsoft said it understands the frustration there and is working to fix the issue.

Mango aims to be more than just an incremental upgrade. It is supposed to change the way we interact with our phones. Of course, that same lofty language was used in connection to the release of Windows Phone 7, and most people saw that as pretty much just Android or iOS in a new package.

However, it plans to have significant integration with apps, in a way that instead of loading up one app for every individual feature, apps will work together in a seamless, connected way. So when you search for a movie, different apps will be culled together to provide you with showtimes, reviews, and trailers.

That process may require more work from developers, so we’ll see if it actually meets the lofty expectations Microsoft hopes it will. Mango is expected to go live within the next couple months.