Microsoft to announce Project Pink phones next week

Microsoft is set to unveil its Project Pink phones as early as next week, with the products on sale just a month later.

The new phones – codenamed Turtle and Pure – are targeted at young social network users. They’re expected to include social media services as well as the Zune music service, and feature keyboards to simplify messaging.

The phones are believed to have been designed by Danger, which makes the T-Mobile Sidekick phone, and will be manufactured by Sharp. In the US, they’re expected to run on the Verizon Wireless network.

There’s still no word on whether they’ll run Windows Phone 7, although this looks unlikely. Microsoft is still expected to launch its much-delayed Windows Phone 7 Series phones later this year.

The company is expected to launch the Project Pink phones in San Francisco on April 12th.

It can’t have been easy finding any day this spring when the launch wouldn’t be completely overshadowed by more news from Apple – the latest version of the iPhone software is due out later this week.