Microsoft pulls Samsung Omnia WP7 NoDo update

Microsoft has temporarily halted its long-awaited WP7 NoDo update for the Samsung Omnia.

The decision to pull the patch was announced by Redmond rep Michael Stroh, who confirmed that Microsoft had discovered a “technical issue” with the update package for the model.

“The work of fixing and testing the package is nearly done, and the team hopes to resume update deliveries soon,” he explained.

“When I know more about the timing, I’ll pass it along.”

Yes, the latest SNAFU certainly appears to be yet another failure by the Windows Phone 7 team.

However, as WMPoweruser’s Surur points out, there seems to be a “clear pattern” of OS update issues plaguing various Samsung phones – whether for Windows or Android.

“[This is] likely brought on by the rapid changes in the firmware of these handsets during the manufacturing process – meaning even apparently identical handsets can be very different internally,” he speculated.

To be sure, as TG Daily previously reported, Samsung recently attempted to update its Galaxy S handset in the UK to Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

But Vodafone (temporarily) halted the update after just a few hours, saying the patch was rife with errors.