Microsoft pimps Windows Phone prototypes

Microsoft is reportedly pimping its Windows Phone 7 by handing out free prototypes to every employee.

Peer pressure, we’ve heard of it.  

That’s right – like or not, if you work at Microsoft, you are getting a free phone.

Of course, whether anyone will choose to use the phone remains unclear, but we suspect a fair number of Microsoft employees will be loath to retire their dependable Androids, shiny iPhones and clickety-clackety BlackBerries for the Son-Of-Kin.

To be sure, a former Microsoft employee who insisted on remaining anonymous (for obvious reasons) recently told TG Daily that his dev colleagues had selected an iPhone or Android smartphone as their device of choice. 

“Everyone I know has an iPhone or Android. Management doesn’t like it, but they don’t really have any recourse. Still, you do get a lot of dirty looks for whipping out your iPhone on campus.”

So, geeky Microsoft drone devs: you have been duly warned! 

Keep that iPhone in your pants – or suffer the wrath of the Balmy Steve Ballmer. 

He just might lecture you to death!