Microsoft aims to cash in on interest shift to notebooks

Redmond (WA) – We have been told for a while now that desktop PCs aren’t selling that well anymore and that most PC purchases are notebooks and netbooks these days — and the pace of notebook sales appears to be growing every quarter even in a recession.  So it should not be too surprising that Microsoft is paying more attention to notebooks as well — and has expanded its hardware product line with a notebook cooling base.

Microsoft justified its decision by the fact that notebook sales are now outpacing desktop PCs three to one. The first product specifically aimed at notebook buyers is a notebook cooling base “designed to make notebook use more comfortable with a built-in fan and sleek form.” The company claims that the 1.16” thick device will fit any notebook and is “contoured to rest on both desks and users’ laps.”

The base does not need batteries, as it is USB powered by the notebook itself. The base will be available in white and black and will retail for about $30. 

Microsoft also updated its fancy Arc Mouse with new colors — frost white, eggplant purple, deep olive green and marine blue. The mice are priced at $50.