Meet the world’s biggest smartphone

If you want to see a real legitimate record breaker, head to the Best Buy in San Carlos, California. That’s where you’ll find a working, 42-inch Nexus S Android phone.

Setting the record for the biggest smartphone, the huge display has a fully functional multitouch screen, 3G Internet access, and a complete version of Android 2.3. Even the camera works.

It is a perfect, working version of the Nexus S, which Best Buy began selling earlier this month. It has 16 GB of storage, a functional gyroscope, and is the first phone to carry the newest Android operating system.

Unfortunately, if you want one, you’ll have to settle for the normal sized version, for $200. The huge Nexus S is for display purposes only. But you’re free to play around with it if you want.

It’s about the same size as those huge iPhones you might have seen on display outside an Apple Store location, but those don’t actually work.

It doesn’t quite meet the world record for the world’s largest cell phone. That one was a promotional project from Samsung for a device that was more than four and a half feet tall and was a scaled version of its SCH-r450 phone. But that’s not a smartphone.

So, if you’re in the San Carlos area, stop on by and see a piece of history.