Meego is already available on netbooks

The mobile operating system created by Intel and Nokia is going to have a tough time making a splash against Android and iPhone OS, but Meego is now available on netbooks where it stands to make some inroads.

Meego version 1.0 is now available, which brings a fully stabilized version of the platform to netbooks. This is the first fully-functioning version of the software, coming in pretty rapid time after the Intel/Nokia partnership was announced in February.

Meego runs on an open-source platform, based on Linux, so hardware support isn’t a huge issue. Most existing netbooks are already compatible. Some of the technical details include support for modern 2D / 3D graphics stack including Kernel Mode Setting, Universal Plug and Play, media frameworks, and Ofono telephony stack/BlueZ Bluetooth.

Additionally, it comes packed with open-source applications and an aggregated social networking interface. Google Chrome is the default Internet browser.

The mobile handset version of Meego is planned for availability early this summer, while yet another version for touch-screen tablets and in-vehicle systems will come out in October.

Users can download Meego v1.0 for netbooks at