Macheads create mad Microsoft rumor

Mac mags have been running a crazy anti-Microsoft conspiracy story claiming that Redmond has banned people from using Apple gear at its events.

If you believe the kool-aid drinking hacks, a Redmond representative was so miffed that journalists attended its events carrying Apple toys that it banned them

9to5Mac found an image with a few reporters using Macs at a different Microsoft event called Mobius. It claimed that the world’s biggest software company was sticking its head in the sand because journalists used Macbooks.

It was cut and pasted [can iPhones actually do that yet – Ed] by the rest of the Mac press all having a laugh at Redmond’s expense.

However it turned out that the original story, which was published in a German magazine was so badly translated that the Apple fanmags got the wrong end of the stick. Desperate for some Redmond-bashing story, they saw what they wanted to see when the article came out of Babelfish. 

Microsoft has told us that people have always been able to, and are still allowed to, use Apple products at their events. Although if you try to use Windows 7 at an Apple rally you will of course get lynched by a bunch of deranged fanboys desperate to prove the superiority of their religion.