Mac fans eye new iPhone as WWDC kicks off

A prominent blogger has claimed that Apple may release an upgraded iPhone with extended battery life, enhanced speed and improved video capabilities. According to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, the new device could be named iPhone 3GS.

Gruber also predicted that Apple would offer 16GB and 32GB models priced at $199 and $299. In addition, Gruber believes that Apple will promote video editing as one of the prominent software features.

Meanwhile, Mac World reports that an unknown entity has sent Australian site MacTalk a cease-and-desist order regarding a post that claimed the 16GB iPhone was being discontinued.

“I can’t say who the C&D is from, but if you go through the MacTalk blog, you might notice a missing post regarding an iPhone rumour,” confirmed MacTalk proprietor Anthony Agius on Twitter.

Although speculation over a new iPhone continues right up until the WDC keynote, Apple fans are just as eager to catch a glimpse of the the upgraded iPhone 3.0 OS, which is expected to support advanced search options, copy, cut and paste, as well as push notifications.

The software will also offer peer-to-peer connectivity over Bluetooth, which would allow to developers to script phone-to-phone multiplayer games.