Logitech set to unveil Google TV next week

It appears as though Logitech will be the first to officially unveil new TV products showing off Google’s new Internet TV platform, when hosts a new product event on October 6.

Now, Logitech isn’t exactly known for manufacturing TVs so it’s unclear exactly what Logitech will be showing off. Earlier this year it partnered with Google to provide accessories for the platform.

The peripheral maker describes Google TV as “a new experience that combines TV, the entire Web, and apps – as well as a way to search across them all.”

As for Logitech’s part in that, the company writes its job is to “enable seamless control” over how users control their Google TV.

This will likely include stuff like a keyboard and remote control, but we’re hoping to see something a bit more unique or revolutionary. Google promises to take TV to the next level with this, so Logitech should be expected to debut something that really brings the “wow” factor.

Less than a week later, Sony will be showcasing what it calls the world’s first “Internet TV,” and is expected to be the first official product announcement for an actual TV using Google’s software.