Lock down your Android with Biometric security

Blue Planet Apps is expected to introduce a beta version of its Biometric security utility for Android smartphones within the next two weeks.

According to Nate Kimmey of Android Police, BioLock provides three levels of security which can be activated individually or simultaneously.

“One is simply a PIN, while the other two make sure no one but you can access your phone. The iris scan mode uses the camera on your phone to recognize your eye, while the facial recognition mode does exactly what you would expect – uses your face to unlock the [device],” wrote Kimmey.

“[So] in case someone were to try to unlock the smartphone using a picture of you with facial recognition, it wouldn’t work – the app can determine if the face is real or not based on whether it is blinking or not, as well as several other factors.”

Kimmey added that the app is also capable of recognizing and processing a number of dynamic variables – including beards, mustaches and other facial features.

As mentioned above, a “private” beta of BioLock is slated to be released within the next two weeks.

The app will subsequently be made available on the Android Market for a very reasonable $3.