Light + Building 2018: Reflecting on Future Technologies and Trends

The Light + Building innovation trade fair celebrates the technological advancements in various disciplines like lighting design, electrical and electronic controlled systems and building services engineering. Being world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building technology, it promotes an integrated approach to building planning when combined with lighting systems, energy efficiency, security, comfort and convenience.

The focus lies on developing a holistic and intelligent design solution for a futuristic and a self-sufficient world. The event features a wide line-up of products, starting from LED technology, electromobility, luminaire designs, electronic security technologies, information and communication technologies, smart power utilization, smart metering to smart grids. Light + Building 2018 premieres best possible solution by combining light, networking and building technology for future to experience a flawless connectivity.

Smart Cities For Better Living

The inception of smart cities is based on the futuristic expectation of efficiency and sustainability. According to United Nations statistics, urban areas avail more than 70% of global energy and are accountable for around 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, in the view of developing urbanization, it becomes very critical that the stride to create smart cities is not just driven by functionality but is more equitable, healthy and habitable, to live and work.

Connecting Lives and Connected Home – Building Automation

The global landscape is turning more urbane and superfluous. Spaces are becoming much more extravagant, so that people enjoy their surroundings visually and experientially. The driving force for deriving intelligent infrastructure solution is based on building automation. Automation and building control in itself is a complex ecosystem associated with its other key drivers, i.e. energy management, device connectivity, monitoring & sensing and security. These factors work in harmony and complement each other to create a balanced and functional environment. Networked building technology and controlled systems when put together have been able to systematize and transform the potential of energy-efficient solutions for smart buildings.

Wellness and Light – Human Centric Lighting

The human eye has photoreceptors that respond to light; called rods and cones but a third photoreceptor was discovered in 2001 that changed the scenario of current light manufacturing. The discovery proffered a deeper relation between light and wellness. As a result, light innovation became more purposeful and humane. This made human centric lighting (HCL) one of the biggest trends in the industry. The major applications of HCL are based on two kinds of lighting that influence human perception and explained as follows-

1. Biologically effective lighting to enhance cognitive performance, and

2. Emotionally effective lighting to create stimulating environments

Though the benefits of HCL cannot be quantified since they are more behavioural in nature, but their applications have been quite diverse so far. For example, the provision of daylight type of lighting in cases of recovery, jetlag and school; in some cases treating skin disease or condition with light; and in some, it leads to better concentration, productivity and sleep. There is no doubt that it is a value addition to overall lighting systems both at micro and macro levels.

Global Footfall at International Exhibition

With the advancement market of global lighting products and business market, the scale of exhibition and exposure also continue to increase consequently. Nearly half of the visitors are out of Frankfurt, as 10 largest visitors countries are Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Austria, France, Switzerland, Spain and Poland respectively. It is an international exhibition and best stage for brands to showcase themselves and their quality products. Extensive research is being carried out in the industry to redefine significance of their work. Some of the brands participating in the exhibition are Bosch, ABB, Zafferano, Bajaj Electricals, Schneider Electric, Trilux, Nimbus, Occhio and Schréder etc. It is a great opportunity to learn, while exchanging ideas at such a high-end business platform.

The latest developments in lighting systems, electrical systems and building automation become significant trends in the industry. These trends transform into technological advancements that not only enrich our lives, but also help a great deal in connecting with each other. And, it’s the events like Light+ Building that offer the high-end platform to direct the progress of these technologies to grow and adapt continuously.