LG unveils entry-level Android 2.2 phones

LG, a company that really hasn’t earned a lot of attention in the Android world, has just launched two new mobile phones. And they’re just about the lowest-end devices we’ve seen yet to come packed in with Android 2.2.

The manufacturer is targeting an entry-level crowd with no previous Android experience. But even with a 600 MHz processor, these new gadgets can run everything required to keep the latest version of Android up to snuff.

They’re the Optimus One and the Optimus Chic. They will be out next month but LG hasn’t announced any pricing details. They also both have a 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen with a 320×480 resolution.

The differences come mainly with their camera capabilities. The Optimus One has  a 3-megapixel camera while the Chic has 5 megapixels. Additionally, the Chic has LG’s Air Sync feature, which lets users remotely access all their phone content from a PC.

And indeed, they both are capable of pulling off Android 2.2’s biggest feature – turning the phone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot for laptops and other devices to connect to.

By rolling out entry-level devices pre-installed with Android 2.2, it’s easy to worry that the operating system’s fragmentation will continue. A 600 MHz processor puts these phones at almost half the power that other devices have.

But they actually appear to be able to do everything they need to. Even though we don’t have a price on them yet, expect them to be the definitive cheapest Android 2.2 options on the market when they go on sale later this year.