LG outlines the future of 3D entertainment

LG representative Axel Voosen told TG Daily it will take engineers at least three years to design fully functional 3D-capable displays that do not require viewers to wear a special pair of glasses.

“3D technology is still developing, with companies bringing a variety of products to market at a price point that consumers can afford. I know people aren’t fond of wearing the glasses, but this will definitely change down the road.

“I would say that it will be at least three years before engineers design televisions and monitors that can be watched without 3D glasses. However you never know, we might get there sooner.”

Voosen noted that such displays already existed, but were somewhat limited by “distance sensitive” issues.

“Yes, there are such (nascent) panels. Of course, the displays are constrained by a number of serious issues pertaining to angles. For example, conventional TVs have a typical viewing angle of 178 degrees.

“So, you can sit around the television in different locations and still get a picture. However, this is not the case for current 3D panels, which are bound by a 90-100 viewing angle.” 

Voosen added that LG had been developing 3D products for years and would introduce a new line of 3D-capable flat panel TVs in May.

“Our involvement in 3D obviously just didn’t start yesterday. Indeed, we have showcased 3D panels at CES for 5-6 years and were the only ones to do so for a while.

“Now, what has given the 3D industry its push into the mainstream market was the Avatar film. Theaters were sold out for days and it is still hard to purchase a ticket to see the movie.

“What I see happening this year is an increased demand for more 3D content and panels. I also think most panels will be 3D-ready within just a couple of years.”