LG Optimus 3D pictures surface

Photos of a new LG Android phone have made their way to the Internet. It’s assumed they are the much-hyped Optimus 3D device, though without seeing it in person it’s impossible to be sure.

Yeah, the pictures don’t really show any particularly amazing 3D content, but according to Phandroid, which posted the pics, it is most likely the Optimus 3D.

LG has sent out invitations to an event in which it promises to take mobile phones “into the next dimension.” That even will take place later this month at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

But until then, we’re left to speculating about it. In addition to the pictures, Phandroid nabbed this supposed info about the gadget:

– Likely a 4.3-inch display

– Dual Core Processor

– Multi-channel RAM

– Front-facing camera

Phandroid says it’s uncertain whether or not the photo is actually the Optimus 3D. Apparently the tipster who sent it in wasn’t even sure. But it looks like an Optimus phone, with some enhancements, so that’s the logical guess.

Of course, seeing is believing, and that’s never been truer than with this phone, so we’ll have to wait until the Mobile World Congress before we say too much. [[LG]]