LG Optimus 3D phone will soon be a reality

Just as the world prepares for HTC’s glasses-free 3D phone, LG is ready to release its one as well.

The Evo 3D, HTC’s phone which will be available exclusively through Sprint in the US, will be released later this month and was expected to be the first autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D phone in the world.

However, the LG Optimus 3D, which was announced before the Evo 3D but then sort of vanished, may be trying to steal that spotlight.

While LG still has not released anything official about the phone’s release date, Amazon has stepped forward and decided to stamp a date on the device.

The online retailer’s UK site now lists the Optimus 3D at £600 (around $980), with a release date of June 20. This is for an unlocked version of the phone with no mobile carrier subsidy.

As for specific carriers, T-Mobile UK and Three have both expressed intentions to have the Optimus 3D available on their respective networks this summer.

As for when it will be available in other countries, including the US, that remains a complete mystery. For now, it looks like the US will get the Evo 3D and the UK will get the Optimus 3D.

Given that this is probably the first in a long line of glasses-free 3D phones down the road, however, consumers will no doubt have a lot more choices in the near future.