LG is so over Windows Phone 7

A high-ranking LG exec confirms that Windows Phone 7 smartphones have failed (thus far) to meet industry expectations.

“From an industry perspective we had a high expectation, but from a consumer point of view the visibility is less than we expected,” LG marketeer James Choi told Pocket-Lint.

“[Yes], Windows Phone 7 is very intuitive and easy to use. [But] for tech guys like us it might be a little bit boring after a week or two.”

Choi emphasized that despite WP7’s less than stellar sales, there are still “certain” segments it “really appeals” to.

“We strongly feel that it has a strong potential even though the first push wasn’t what everyone expected.

“And from a vendor perspective having that balance is critical, being dependent on one OS is not beneficial for us. That’s the same with not just the manufacturers, but the operators as well.”

Choi added that Android fatigue could theoretically lead to increased WP7 shipments, which may also be bolstered by the introduction of low and mid-range handsets.

“Right now it’s only exclusively present in a high tier, because of its hardware requirements, and that’s [probably] limiting growth.”

Uh huh. 

Well, obviously, Choi is trying to be diplomatic, but just can’t quite manage to keep his massive disappointment in check.

So, in the spirit of brevity, let’s strip away Choi’s mandatory marketing spiel and understand what he is really saying about Microsoft Windows Phone 7, that is, if he actually could.

“Windows Phone 7 was shamelessly pimped by Sugar Daddy Microsoft but is utterly incapable of performing in the real world. The platform UI is intuitive, but hella dull, appealing only to the ignorant unwashed masses who can’t afford or use a real friggin’ smartphone.

“There is no way this phone can realistically compete against Android or iOS – even if people are sick and tired of hearing about both mobile operating systems. Yes, WP7 handsets do have some potential, but only as a hipster coaster, ugly paperweight or cheap-ass doorstop.   

“Now, I really don’t know how we’ll get rid of this excess WP7 merchandise. Not that I blame our customers. Hell, no! Because I wouldn’t take this damn phone home if you paid me. I really have no interest in dumbing down my wife and kids with this Son-Of-Kin wannabe smartphone.”

There you have it, folks. 

My version of what the diplomatic Choi would say if he could!

Tell me, honestly, which do you prefer?