LG creates world’s biggest 3D TV

Size does matter. At least in the world of consumer electronics. And LG wants to be the biggest dog in the kennel when it launches a massive, almost too-big-to-be-useful 72-inch 3D TV with all the trimmings.

The company claims it is the world’s largest TV with these technical specs. It’s the LZ9700, and will probably also be one of LG’s most expensive TVs ever.

The TV manufacturer didn’t quite detail everything we’d like to know. It didn’t say if the TV is going to use active 3D or passive 3D technology (we’d guess active), or what the price or release date will be.

What it did say, though, was that it will support a whole bunch of TV apps, and it has THX certification. In other words, this is one monster of a TV.

We expect to see a whole lot of 3D at CES, and with everyone jumping into the game, companies will need to make their presence unique and interesting. Toshiba will be displaying 3D TVs that don’t require the use of glasses at all, while companies like Sony will be showing off 3D games and hoping to convince attendees that glasses-required 3D is the way to go.

LG hasn’t made a huge mark in the 3D world, so this announcement is a good way to get its name more strongly into the competition. [[LG]]