LG confirms 3D LED TV with backlighting

Global electronics manufacturer LG is set to offer a first in the burgeoning market of 3D TVs: it will have the first sets with LCD backlighting.

The LX9500 will be the company’s first entry into the 3D market, which has currently become filled by Samsung and Panasonic The LX9500 will be available in both a 47-inch and a 55-inch model.

The 1080p sets will have Skype’s TV platform, USB support, HDMI connections, and support for LG’s USB-powered 3D glasses. It is also decorated with a full backlit display, the first 3D set to do so.

According to the blog Ubergizmo, which translated LG’s Korean press release, the set is planned to be released in Korea next month at around the equivalent of a little over $4,000.

The LX9500 will then make its way to the US and Europe by May.

Early adopters in the 3D TV market have proven that there is significant demand. Panasonic’s first set of 3D TVs sold out across the country within just a week, and Samsung’s sets are also selling through at higher rates than analysts were expecting.