LG abandons plans for Froyo-powered tablet

LG is officially abandoning plans to launch a tablet powered by Android 2.2 (Froyo). However, the company remains committed to Android and is currently talking with Google about utilizing future iterations of the popular operating system for next-gen tablet devices.

“[Yes], we plan to introduce a tablet that runs on the most reliable Android version,” an anonymous LG official told Reuters

“[So], we are in talks with Google to decide on the most suitable version for our tablet and that is not Froyo 2.2.”

As Phil Goldstein of FierceWireless notes, the disappointing Android tablet delay represents yet another setback for the company’s ambitious mobile efforts, which have been hampered by weak handset sales and high-level management reshuffles.

“[Still], the decision by LG to push back its tablet plans is interesting because a Google executive said last month that the latest version of Android – Froyo or 2.2 – is not optimized for tablets.

“[Nevertheless], Samsung’s GalaxyTab tablet runs on Android 2.2, [with] four Tier 1 US wireless carriers expected to launch the device by year-end.”

Meanwhile, Im Jeong Jae, a fund manager in Seoul at Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management Co, told Bloomberg that LG’s unfortunate tablet delay would likely cost the company to lose (potential) revenue in the short-term.

“The company may not fully enjoy the expected boom of tablet computers next year,” confirmed Jeong Jae.

“Now is [clearly] the best time to launch such a product to become top-tier sellers.”