Lenovo intros three tablets, one with Windows 7

Computer manufacturer Lenovo has just tossed new flames into the tablet fire, including a rare Windows-powered iPad competitor.

The company also put two new Android Gingerbread-powered tablets on the table, which will carry the names IdeaPad Tablet K1 and ThinkPad Tablet.

The K1 will only offer WiFi connectivity (no 3G) and is priced at $499, pegging it right at the low end of the current tablet market. The device will be available in one configuration – a 10.1-inch display with 32 GB of storage.

The ThinkPad, meanwhile, is intended for business users and includes support for a special stylus, sold separately. It comes with 16 GB and also only has WiFi  connectivity, with $479 as its price point. However, Lenovo said a new version of the ThinkPad will be revealed later with 3G functionality.

Both of the Android tablets will be able to play Netflix streaming videos and have Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processors under the hook. Both bost strong battery life, with 8 to 10 hours of power possible on a single charge.

The ThinkPad also comes with a nice bonus – 2 GB of cloud storage space. Lenovo will also offer a special keyboard-case combination specifically for the ThinkPad for $99.

And on the other end of the operating system spectrum is the IdeaPad, Lenovo’s flagship Windows 7-powered tablet. Microsoft’s PC-leading operating system hasn’t made much of a splash in the tablet world, but Lenovo’s hoping to change that.

The IdeaPad will have an Intel 1.5 GHz chip, putting it in line with most desktop or notebook PCs running Windows 7. It will only be able to connect to WiFi networks, and pricing has not been announced.

So the IdeaPad still remains something of an enigma, but suffice it to say, Lenovo is coming in strong in the tablet race.