Latest rumor pegs a June launch for iPhone 5

We know that Apple won’t give a release date for the iPhone

We know that Apple won’t give a release date for the iPhone 5 until it is the actual release date or just days away.
That’s why iPhone stories always attract so many rumors. There’s bound to be some loose outliers in a company full of tight lips, but we never know which ones to believe. This latest rumor is chock full of the “take it with a grain of salt” disclaimer, but nevertheless, it’s worth a mention.

Korean website ETNews claims Apple has “confirmed” that the iPhone 5 will be available in late June. The device is slated to go on sale in South Korea via carrier partners KT and SK Telecom.

Now of course, Apple never confirms release dates for a product outside of the US until that product has been confirmed in the US first. That’s just the way Apple works.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 4 came out last year, and everyone has now expected Apple to be the company that rolls out new product successors every year. The iPad 2 came out less than 12 months after the first one went on sale. The gap between new devices is shrinking.

Apple is set to host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in the beginning of June, but the company has made it a habit of announcing new iPhones and iPads at separate, exclusive events rather than at large corporate conventions, so we don’t expect to hear an iPhone 5 announcement there.

Regardless, we’ll be curious whenever Apple does lift the veil, because there are a lot of questions about what will be under the hood of the iPhone 5. 4G, dual-core processors, and NFC technology have all become big parts of the mobile discussion in the very short amount of time since the iPhone 4 was released.