Kopin releases "golden" Bluetooth gizmo

Chicago (IL) –  Kopin Corporation has unveiled the Golden-i, a three-ounce Bluetooth headset with a 15-inch virtual PC display. The device offers a hands-free natural speech recognition interface for wireless control of up to 7 devices. In addition, Golden-i readily accepts a conventional user interface from any host device touch screen, keyboard or wireless mouse.

The unit is powered by Texas Instruments’ dual processor platform and runs Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 OS. Golden-i is capable of remotely “waking” a PC (via Bluetooth, WiFi or cellular link) and displaying the deskptop on a 15-inch virtual display.

“Texas Instruments’ latest OMAP is an incredible mobile processing platform,” explained Golden-i program manager Jeffrey Jacobsen. “Golden-i is a high-performance device and can push OMAP’s mobile performance to the edge – 600 MHz ARM Cortex 8, 400MHz DSP, a 10 million polygon/second graphics accelerator with high performance POP (package on package) memory reaching several gigabytes. Our current testing suggests Golden-i will achieve over eight hours of standard use with a single 1200 mA/hr Li-ion battery.”

According to Jacobsen, Golden-i’s speech recognition capabilities are enabled by Nuance’s VoCon3200 software, which is utilized in a variety of automotive, navigation and mobile applications. Golden-i also integrates Nuance text-to-speech, allowing Golden-i to vocalize documents, e-mail messages and other content.

“Golden-i is a unique application of mobile speech, providing an innovative hands-free experience for the mobile industrial and government workforce, said Michael Thompson, General Manager, Nuance Mobile. “We’ve seen Golden-i evolve from its first spoken interface to a sophisticated speech platform available in more than 20 languages. We’re excited to see where Golden-i is taking mobile speech.”