Kindle to come to Android devices this summer

Amazon’s releasing a Kindle for Android app this summer, bringing Kindle books to Android phones.

The app fills out the set for the Kindle, which is also available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Like these others, Kindle for Android will include the company’s Whispersync technology, which saves and synchronizes a customer’s bookmarks across devices.

“Kindle for Android is the perfect companion application for Kindle and Kindle DX owners, and is also a great way for customers to enjoy over 540,000 books in the Kindle Store even if they don’t yet have a Kindle,” said Jay Marine, director of Amazon Kindle.

“We think customers are going to love the convenience and simplicity of having instant access to a massive selection of books from Amazon on their Droid, Nexus, Incredible and many more Android devices.”

Amazon now has more than 540,000 books available, including 96 of 110 New York Times Bestsellers, plus tens of thousands of the most popular classics for free.

Books can be accessed directly from a user’s Android device, including those originally purchased for another platform. There are no newspapers, magazines or blogs available yet, though.

The app requires Android OS 1.6 or greater and an SD card.

Customers can have a peek at the app and sign up to receive an alert when Kindle for Android is available, here.