Jetpack ride for sale on Ebay

It might not be everybody’s idea of the perfect Christmas present, but if you’ve already given your partner a flight in a glider and a paintballing session, it’s got to be worth considering.

Currently up for sale on Ebay is the chance to fly a James Bond-style jetpack, with a reserve price of $30,000 for six flights. With two and a half days to go, there’s so far only been one bid – so if you’ve got $30,100 spare you’re in with a chance.

The ducted fan pack – the Martin Jetpack – was developed by New Zealand engineer Glenn Martin. The successful bidder will be the first outside the development team to fly it.

Although the device is claimed to be capable of reaching 8,000 feet, the test flights will be rather less glamorous – they’re limited to just three or four feet above the ground at a speed of six miles per hour. The successful bidder can keep them all for him- or herself, or share with up to three others.

“This is not a gimmick. It’s a real deal flying machine,” promises the description. It adds: ” As a new pilot you will not be expected to participate in any flights that put you or your aircraft at risk.”

There’s a video here to show bidders what to expect.