Jelfin introduces a gel covered mouse

Jelfin has introduced a ball-shaped mouse ensconced in a soft, luxe gel covering.

The $35 input device allows users to cup their fingers around the ball rather than extending them outward, creating a more natural and ergonomic feel.

“The Jelfin Mouse will appeal to those who possess a sharp eye for style, a demand for the finest materials, a desire for individuality and those who won’t compromise on quality and affordability,” said Jelfin CEO Nick Pajic. 

”What cashmere has done for the sweater, we think the soft, gel cover has done for the mouse.”

Pajic explained that a large majority of Americans have expressed interest in using a more comfortable computer mouse.

“74 percent [said they wanted] a more comfortable computer mouse than the one they currently use and they’d like one that feels more natural (80 percent) in their hand. 

“More importantly, two-thirds (67 percent) of mouse users [noted that] a more comfortable mouse would actually increase their productivity and/or creativity.”

The Jelfin is currently available in five colors, including cobalt blue, crimson red, cadmium yellow, electric green and hot pink. 

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