Japan introduces 52-inch glasses-free 3D TV

What is perhaps the most technologically sophisticated 3D TV is now a fait de compli in Japan.

But it’s not quite ready for consumers. The 52-inch glasses-free 3D TV, using a new kind of display tech, is currently being peddled to business customers that can produce their own 3D content.

It comes from Dimenco, a small company made up of former Philips employees. The group created a new kind of glasses-free 3D technology that, unlike the displays used in products like Nintendo’s 3DS, can be scaled to large-screen devices without any real loss in visual fidelity. Other issues related to framerates and dark lines in the display are also alleviated.

But with all these new inner workings, it can still project any kind of 3D content that’s already on the market today. In fact, it can even take a 2D video and convert it into 3D in real time.

There are a lot of advancements in glasses-free 3D tech this year. We saw a start-up company at the mobile CTIA trade show earlier this year and were blown away with its displays that literally do make it appear that objects are jumping out of the screen.

With this new technology, the early concern about not being able to use glasses-free 3D in full-size TVs is no longer an issue. However, the other major concern, the price, still very much is. Dimenco’s TV sells for 1.7 million yen, or approximately $20,800. Yikes.

It does expect to reduce costs over the next couple years, though, and plans to introduce TVs for the consumer market beginning in 2013.