It’s a tiny, dual-screen e-reader/tablet combo

Everyone is always debating the question of Amazon or Kindle, e-ink or LCD. Well, now there’s a company that’s finally saying, “Why not both?”

A small start-up called Entourage is set to show off the “eDGe” at CES, and is calling it the “world’s smallest tablet/e-reader,” but it’s much more than that.

Comprised of e-ink technology for easy viewing, as well as a separate LCD screen, the gadget itself isn’t super tiny, but each of the independently-operated screens are.

On the e-ink screen, you can read books and take notes, while the LCD offers fully-featured e-mail access, video streaming, and Web surfing.

“The two screens work together for an interactive learning, computing or entertainment experience, such as opening up gray-scale images from an e-book to color on the LCD screen, accessing hyperlinks in text as well as dragging and dropping key words and phrases from a document to a Web browser to search for additional information,” wrote Entourage in a press release.

This certainly sounds intriguing, and unlike any other e-reader or tablet on the market. The entire world is debating e-ink versus LCD, so why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

And unlike so many other tablet and e-reader knockoffs out there, we actually think this one has a shot.