iSlate is late

The most important product in the history of everything, ever, Apple’s indescribably-exciting tablet computer, is unlikely to hit the shelves before June due to battery life and reliability issues.


Although the wonderful product is expected to be announced in San Francisco on January 27, boosting sales of incontinence products to over-excited Apple fanbois, a note to investors from Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu warns that sales of the gadget could be delayed due to “minor issues”.

AppleInsider reckons the launch of the tablet was likely to follow the same pattern as the launch of the iPhone in 2007 – with a massive January media mega splurge and shipments following six months later.

Wu describes the product as a ‘super’ iPod touch: “This tablet product has been described to us as a hybrid between an iPhone/iPod touch and a Mac but in terms of software and components, it appears closer to the former,” he says.

“From our understanding, it is not intended to replace a Mac but [to] be somewhat of a ‘super’ iPod touch where video, gaming, web browsing, e-books and the ability to run multiple apps would be enhanced with the much larger screen.”

Wu says the iSlate will cost $999, but other analysts reckon the price could be as low as $600, however, the general consensus seems to be a rather vague ‘less than a thousand bucks’.