‘Is My Son Gay?’ app finally pulled

After striking a lot of controversy, the Android app that was a tongue-in-cheek way for parents to tell in their child was gay, has been yanked.

French developer Emmene Moi, which translates to “Bring Me,” has released the app, which is basically just a list of 20 yes/no questions; the idea was that parents would answer all the questions about their son, and at the end be told whether or not he’s likely to be gay.

Questions pointed to typical homosexual stereotypes like “Before he was born did you wish he would be a girl?” “Does he like to dress up nicely?” “Does he like Diva singers?” and “Has he introduced you to a girlfriend yet?”

The only other app in Emmene Moi’s library is “Mon Fils Est-Il Gay?” which is a French version of the exact same app. Here’s what the developer wrote in its app description:

“You’re questioning yourself? 20 questions to know more about your son. After this test you’ll have the proven answer to a question you might have since maybe a long time.”

It’s not clear what Google’s exact reason for pulling the app was, but there are many provisions in the Android Market that it could have pointed to, including a requirement that there be no sense of hatred to any specific ethnicity, race, etc, or sexual orientation.

Gay activist groups praised Google’s decision. “We are pleased that Google developers have heard the voice of the LGBT community and pulled the app. Apps such as these are outrageous and only serve to further negative stereotypes and homophobia,” said Andre Banks, co-founder of the LGBT side AllOut.org.