Is Android 2.4 Honeycomb?

Android Honeycomb – which features optimized support for tablets – may not be set at version 3.0. Rather, Google has reportedly designated version 2.4 to represent the long-awaited iteration of the popular mobile operating system.

Indeed, as Artem Russakovskii of Android Police notes, a quick check of the site’s statistics seem to indicate that Android 2.4 is none other than Honeycomb.

“Specifically, in the last 30 days, we have had 15 visits from Android 2.4. On another hand, we had 0 visits with Android 3.0,” explained Russakovskii.

“Sure, the OS version can be faked, but I find it pretty unlikely that there are suddenly multiple sightings of 2.4, completely independently from each other and all around the same time, while no sightings of 3.0 occurred.”

According to Russakovskii, Honeycomb’s 2.4 designation makes perfect sense. 

“Considering that Honeycomb is supposed to merely bring tablet related UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) improvements to Android, it is quite understandable why Google went with 2.4, rather than 3.0. 

“If the timing is right somehow, I would expect them saving 3.0 for something like Google I/O, which will [kick off] on May 10-11th in 2011,” he added.