iPhone users minimise risk of getting laid

London, England – The Purity Ring is a big hit amongst teens keen to save themselves for their wedding day, but a commitment to sexual abstinence doesn’t come cheap, with rings costing from $25 upwards. But now, the cost-conscious virgin can protect themselves against unwanted advances with a 99 cent iPhone application.

For 59 pence (99 cents), pure teens can download an application that allows them to take a purity pledge and then display a silver ring on their phone to prove their commitment to low-cost abstinence. The application comes with a pre-recorded pledge suitable for both genders that the user must accept before being able to display their ring on the iPhone’s screen.

In the US, around 8m people have taken a purity pledge, while in the UK, the figure is closer to 250,000.

London media company Island Wall Entertainment says the product ‘will appeal to the younger generation and those people who have not already committed themselves to a life of abstinence and chastity’.

Island Wall director Henry Bennett, said: “It’s all about reaching a new market. If you wanted to buy a purity ring, you could spend as much as £100. We are preaching to the converted and we’re going for people who wouldn’t buy a ring. The app is not the be all and end all of purity pledges: it’s an entry point.”

We’d have thought that entry points were a bit of a no-no for purity aficionados, but Bennett adds that the purity ring app ‘might take off’ – again, perhaps an unwise choice of phrase for the pure at heart.

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