iPhone production doubled?

Chicago (IL) – Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes has released a new research report which concluded that iPhone manufacturing volumes doubled in comparison to last quarter. Reitzes said that the increase in production stems from speculation of higher-end iPhone release in addition to Apple’s summer sales projections.

Reitzes claims he has been told by a source that Apple manufacturing volumes this quarter double what they were during the last quarter. According to an article published by Apple Insider, Apples plans are vague, and no announcements have been made. But it would seem that based on production levels that the company intends on really selling and selling hard, Reitzes said.

A new iPhone is generally expected for release this summer, though no details have been released and speculations have yet to be confirmed. Reitzes’ research note speculates that the release of two new models is leading to increased production levels.

Other analysts and those in the blogosphere are anticipating the launch of an iPhone 3G Pro which would include an enhanced camera and video recording capability – as well as the usual storage upgrade, which would take the device to 32 GB. The second anticipated model would be much like the  iPhone 3G that us available today, but the price may drop substantially.

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