iPhone iOS4 problems require new level help

Apple releases phone troubleshooting manuals online. IT managers clamber for iPhones to save tech support jobs.

Oh, joy of joys! The next time some smug Mac user comes up and talks about how great Apple is, and how it never crashes – although it is not exactly a single product or entity anymore – and how easy it is to use, well, blah, blah, blah! Apparently, Apple’s phones need manuals because they have problems that require manuals. It’s the circle of life.

Apparently there are 3,500 words on Troubleshooting iPhone Hardware. Then, there’s 600 words on getting multimedia messaging. You can slice and dice your way through thousands of words on accessories, like docking stations, because, it depends on your phone, your OS, and the accessories’ compatibility (kind of like trying to find the right printer driver for your PC). There’s 244 pages for the iPhone iOS4 User Guide.

And the piece de resistance, the iPhone version of the blue screen of death, but much prettier: iPhone and iPod touch: What to do when applications close unexpectedly while in use. Yay for iPhone crashes! 300 words that lead to reboot.

I mean, heck, it’s just a damn phone, but it’s acting like a PC. Maybe Apple will do an ad where the PC guy and the Mac guy get together, and the PC guy ends up sleeping with the Mac guy’s sister, the iPhone and everybody gets infected with disease. I would pay to see this ad.

This post from Jared Newman at PC World on “iSO4’s halfhearted attempt” at multitasking is priceless because, it is PC World. Get it? Remember when PC magazines had reams of paper devoted to bitching about compatibility and upgrades and features? Neither do we. But, it is a great sign for the economy, nevertheless because, it means that we can start complaining about something other than the economy. PC World’s Jared is now way cooler than Subway’s Jared.

Happy days are here again! Now the IT industry can start telling users they’re idiots because they don’t know how to use the phone. Yes, Apple is ready for the enterprise.

Well, at least we found a way to get around the antenna problem.