iPhone fingers crooks who stole it

Pittsburgh (PA) – A man robbed of his wallet and iPhone at gunpoint used the gadget’s location feature to alert cops to the crooks’ location.

The unidentified man said two males approached him at about 1 am in Shadyside, pulled a gun and demanded his wallet and credit card PIN number. He handed it over and the men then grabbed his iPhone and made their escape.

Unfortunately for the crooks, the man was able to use his computer to pinpoint the location of his GPS-equipped iPhone to a Wal-Mart in North Versailles, where the suspects had already purchased items with his stolen credit card before moving on to a restaurant.

Police arrested two men and recovered a black pellet gun, as well as stolen identification, credit cards and cash. Now Bryant Rather and Brent Ray Potter, both 22, face two counts each of access device fraud, conspiracy, receiving stolen property and possessing instruments of crime.