iPhone app lets you track down bed bugs

A pest control company has come out with an iPhone application to help you track down bed bugs.

According to Bell Environmental Services, travelers face increased odds of “encountering” bed bugs.

And you need to know how to identify them and how to protect yourself from your loathsome best friends, and so Bell has brought out “Roscoe’s Tips” so you can inspect the hotel you’re in and “be vigilant against this epidemic”.

The company is a pest control outfit, and features “Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog. He helps you sniff out the little bleeders because “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

The application includes an interactive pop-up guide to a hotel room, and tips to prepare for your trip and take extra precautions when you come home. Roscoe is, apparently a real dog and the company is soon to release “Roscoe the Game”.

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