Investing in refurbished hardware – An Overview

It is oftentimes said that if you are buying a new car the moment you drive it out from the dealer’s garage, expect a depreciation to take effect. As such, the new owner suffers a bigger loss as compared to the one that buys it for the second time. This particular principle has been applied in buying refurbished tech equipments.

In this article, let us highlight the essential aspects of the same in the paragraphs that follow.

It has been observed that the secondary market is doing brisk business not just that deal with cars but also in IT equipments. As far as the category of equipments is concerned, it includes old and new tech equipments, also support and service, and disposing existing machinery.

Secondary market for IT consumers

The IT aftermarket, which is the other name for IT secondary market, has a lot to offer the consumers. It is basically an ecosystem in its own right where sellers and buyers merge. The only difference is that the stuff you sell or buy from there is not endorsed by any manufacturer. However, an interesting aspect that you ought to keep in mind is that not all stuff sold or bought in this market is used.

There are many goods and products that are obtained as a result of corporate bankruptcies, changing business types, overstock, and IT projects that did not take off at all.

How does it work?

The ones selling used products or goods (resellers) buy equipments from IT firms. Not only that, these goods are also tested for quality and refurbished before they are made available for resale. The most common goods include refurbished networking hardware equipments.

How will you get the best resale products?

Secondary market is not just about selling and buying tech related products and goods. It also means that you can get your new tech related products installed by these vendors. Also, removal of already installed equipments, regardless of whether it is hardware for networking or looking into warranty services, it is all under one roof in the secondary market. All you have to do is identify a good vendor that has been operating in this market for a long period of time.

Buying refurbished hardware

A reputed vendor will see that the refurbished hardware undergoes thorough test keeping in tandem with the highest standards of manufacturers.

Three most important aspects that you must keep in mind while investing in a used product include manufacturer grade testing, quality accreditation, and types of equipment accessories that you are being provided. The three have been briefly explained in the paragraphs that follow.

Quality testing

Buying a used product especially that is related to networking hardware and IT related, it is important that you get some kind of quality assurance. It can be either quality assurance that is offered by a vendor refurbishment service or authorized quality standards certification. This is important because it proves that the product you are buying is genuine.


Cables, leads, and rack mounts are perhaps the most sought after accessories that you can settle for. Find out what other accessories you are being provided.

Refurbishment testing

Check out the refurbishment and testing facilities that are present at the vendor site. Find out the equipments that they use for testing, the quality of team members carrying out the refurbishment testing checks, and so on.

Make sure regardless of the networking hardware equipments you are using, your vendor is ready to offer full support not just at the time of purchase of the products but the follow up customer support is good too.