Introducing…The ViewPad?

You’ve heard of Apple’s “magical” iPad and RIM’s fabled corporate BlackPad. Now get ready for the latest tablet contender: the ViewPad.

Manufactured by ViewSonic, the ViewPad is expected to arrive at IFA in two sleek iterations.

The 7-inch model will run Android, while its 10-inch counterpart is slated to dual-boot Microsoft Windows and Google’s mobile OS.

“The ViewPad 7, a 7″ Android tablet with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, access to thousands of applications and front and back-facing cameras will be previewed for the first time in Europe,” ViewSonic confirmed in a press release obtained by TechRadar.

“The ViewPad 7 also features assisted GPS, a Micro SD card slot, Bluetooth, G-Sensor and USB connectivity, making the device a compact lightweight companion that has a lot to offer.”

Of course, as TechRadar’s Patrick Goss notes, the concept of dual-boot is certainly not a new one.

“[Still], the prospect of a 10-inch tablet with both Windows and Android is an intriguing one, with the assumption that the Microsoft OS will be Windows 7 rather than CE or the forthcoming Windows Phone 7.

“[Clearly], ViewSonic is keen to resurrect the ViewPad brand, which was operating as far back as 2002 and hopes that its latest offerings can impress when they are shown off at IFA.”

However, Brand Linder of Lilliputing questioned if Android enthusiasts would be at all interested in running Windows (ugh!) on their tablet devices.

“While a dual boot tablet will definitely stand out from the crowd, I kind of wonder who ViewSonic thinks the target audience for this sort of device is.

“[Yes], I imagine there are plenty of people dying to get their hands on a high quality Android tablet capable of long battery life, a good web browsing experience, and the ability to run Android apps. 

“But I have no idea if they’re the same people who really want a Windows tablet that can do many of the same things plus run native Windows applications (albeit, with a UI that was designed for a keyboard and mouse and most likely poorer battery performance).”