Intel’s x86-powered Medfield to support Android

Intel senior VP Anand Chandrasekher has confirmed that the x86-based mobile processor known as “Medfield” will support Google’s Android operating system. 

According to Chandrasekher, the 32nm chip is already sampling and will indeed ship in smartphones at some point in the near future.

Chandrasekher – who spoke at MWC 2011 – also emphasized Intel’s focus on mobile battery life, saying that “on active power we are [the] most efficient architecture on the planet,” and noted that Medfield would boast the “longest usage time.”

Meanwhile, Mike Richmond is demoing the latest build of Intel’s MeeGo operating system at the show, which devs have apparently shifted away from C++ to QML (Qt).

“[Yes], Intel’s done some important retooling on the technical and software end of things, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the interface is anywhere close to done yet,” explained Engadget’s Joanna Stern.

“[In addition], beyond four or so [primary] apps, there’s nothing else at the moment in terms of applications, and while Intel’s promising to bring its AppUp store to the platform, it wasn’t willing to discuss a time frame on that. In fact, Richmond wouldn’t even give us an idea of when the tablet UI would be ready.”

(Via Engadget, 1, 2)