Intel sees "one billion" connected mobile devices by 2015

San Francisco (CA) – A senior Intel VP has predicted that there will be “one billion” connected mobile devices by 2015. According to Anand Chandrasekher, the Internet has experienced “staggering growth” and is continuing to expand by “leaps and bounds.”

“The Internet is awake. It is more living than anything that has organic cells. It is a living and breathing entity,” Chandrasekher told reporters at Semicon 2009.

Chandrasekher explained that although there were over “one trillion” URLs, social networking and streaming video sites such as Facebook and YouTube were primarily responsible for the Internet’s “massive” expansion.

However, Chandrasekher noted that the current handheld experience was “lacking” and that “at least half” of MID owners expected more “computer functionality” on their mobile device. He added that Intel’s future Moorestown processor would help create a new, more advanced generation of MIDs.

To illustrate his point, Chandrasekher showcased a prototype mobile device powered by a Moorestown chip that streamed HD video, ran Quake Open Arena and multi-tasked without any discernable lag.

Chandrasekher also claimed that Moorestown devices would likely be capable of playing over 100 hours of music on a single charge.