Intel and Novell advocate Moblin adoption for the masses

Chicago (IL) – Intel and Novell have announced a joint effort to encourage the adoption of Moblin. Moblin, an optimized open source Linux software platform, is used to enable “rich” Internet experiences on Intel Atom processor-based netbooks and other mobile systems.  

“Novell has taken a significant leadership role in the Moblin community since joining the effort late last year, and today’s announcement will extend Novell’s level of involvement,” explained Intel spokesperson Doug Fisher. “The combination of Intel Atom processor-based platforms and Moblin-based Novell software will provide even more opportunities for OEMs, ODMs and the broader Moblin community to deliver excellent mobile Internet solutions.”

Novell has also announced plans to design a Moblin-based product for netbooks and confirmed the establishment of an Open Labs in Taiwan to foster the adoption of Moblin. In addition, the company plans to work with the Taiwan Moblin Enabling Center (MEC) to validate designs for Moblin compliance.

“We are extending our involvement with Moblin because we believe that it provides a richer mobile Internet experience,” said Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian. “The emergence of such mobile computing platforms as netbooks presents a significant growth opportunity.”

Intel, which launched Moblin in 2007, hosted the platform until April 2008 when the Linux Foundation assumed responsibility for the initiative. The project is currently managed by a steering committee. Its members are:

  • Imad Sousou
  • Arjan van de Ven
  • Matthew Allum
  • Rusty Lynch

According to Sousou, the “central piece of [Moblin] architecture” is the common layer known as Moblin Core.

“Moblin Core [is] a hardware and usage model independent layer that provides one uniform way to develop such devices. Underneath the Moblin Core sits the Linux kernel and device drivers specific to the hardware platform, and above the Moblin Core are the specific user interface and user interaction model for the target device,” wrote Sousou on “Moblin Core is built on the GNOME Mobile platform, extending and enriching it with Intel open source technologies like Clutter, GUPnP, and Atom specific technologies, such as graphics, fast boot, and power saving.”