In Memoriam: The First Great Tech Journalist

Guy Kewney, one of the first and best technology journalists, passes away.

The best testament to a man’s success in any field is what his peers and colleagues have to say about him. Guy had many friends and admirers in technology, and his passing is sad and shocking, although many were aware of his long battle against cancer.

Manek Dubash worked with Guy for many years. On his blog he writes:

“He was the first technology journalist. He started in the mid-1970s as a result of which he got to know all the big names when they were still speaking to journalists. Alan Sugar. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. And Douglas Adams for good measure.”

Mike Magee, our own roving editor, writes on his site:

“Guy was always personally very kind to me. He went out of his way to help me in my career.

When I went through my own troubles, Guy was very supportive and kindly, encouraging me to keep on going, and taking a great interest in the different projects that I started.

I will miss him as he moves to the Celtic heaven, Tir na Nog.   My sincere condolences to his family.”

And our reporter Emma Woollacott says:

“Guy was always a complete gentleman and a pleasure to work with. He had an encyclopaedic knowledge about the industry and could comment on absulutely anything – and always to the precise number of words required, which more than made up for his sometimes idiosyncratic grammar.

More importantly, he was a deeply kind person who unfailingly encouraged and supported those around him.”

You can read Guy’s blog here.