Improving the Scope of Online Marketing with the Use of 360 Product Photography

Won’t it be great if we could actually touch and feel a product prior to purchasing. Online shopping has made our life much more comfortable by pampering us with an array of options, which we can avail of without leaving the comfort of our household. But still, our shopping experience stays incomplete as we are provided with just half the picture having two-dimensional attributes. In such a scenario, we yearn to have a system in place, which would enable us to view a particular product from even the most extreme of angles by simulating the experience which we have whenever we physically visit a store.

Herein lies the most significant advantage of brick and mortar retailers, who can provide customers with a much more personalized experience, unlike the online e-commerce retailers. Thus, making their product visually attractive is the only way in which e-commerce retailers can sustain the cutthroat competition and herein lies the potential of stellar product photography. Great images can present the product features more clearly and provide you with a sense of touch and feel. Compared to text, visual imagery is much more effective in capturing the attention of buyers especially if you make use of 360° rotational image.

Large-scale retail marketers have understood the importance of high definition imagery for selling their products. They are splurging on high-end studios which can produce quality photographic work. But smaller retailers do not have the adequate financial backing for procuring the same. This is where Glo3D comes in coupled with the right technology, which can help you in capturing traffic-stopping photographs by making easy enhancements and simple corrections. This dynamic technology can drastically change an average image into a high-definition format using the dual capabilities of your mobile device and the Glo3D 360 product photography app.

Stand Out of The Cue with Your Marketing Tactics

SEO knowledge becomes an absolute necessity if you wish to perform well in your online marketing drive. The first milestone always remains to attract the attention of the reader. Using images can be of exceptional help in such cases. However, don’t forget to make use of images which reveal the product in its sincerest form and also showcase the usage and context of the product. Nonetheless, the job of providing ultimate customer experience gets guaranteed if you can provide a product image which can be rotated from all the sides. This can help your clients in gaining a complete understanding of the product thus paving the way for a holistic in-store experience without asking them actually to cross the threshold of their house.


360° product photography is increasingly being used by dominant online retailers to usher in a holistic product experience for their customers, who can be of great help in making the purchase call. Customers can educate themselves better before purchasing any product coupled with 360° product images, which are also known to reduce returns substantially. In the world of e-commerce, returns are an expensive reality which can side-track any business from its ultimate objective.

Products having 360° product views can pave the way for better customer satisfaction, fewer returns and higher conversion rates. Visit Glo3D to gain further insights regarding usage of 360 product photography for improving transparency and product display, which in turn can benefit your online store.