Huge glitch cripples Skype users

A monumental problem with Skype’s online servers has users reeling in frustration.

Earlier today, a large number of users found their Skype application was forced shut, and if they tried to open it back up, nothing would happen. Uninstalling and re-downloading the program didn’t help, either.

Regardless of what version of Skype was installed, in the best case scenario, the program would open for a few seconds before crashing. The worst case was that it wouldn’t even open at all.

Although Skype says the issue has been fixed, some users are still experiencing residual problems, and those who uninstalled the program were forced to re-install it with large delays from congestion.

Exactly what triggered the problem remains a bit of a mystery.

The issue was reported among all major operating systems, including Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It’s also a peculiar bug because it didn’t just affect online connectivity. The program would close even before users attempted to sign in.

And unlike previous Skype outages that affected the entire Skype user base, this glitch affected random users without any real rhyme or reason.

It comes just a matter of weeks after Microsoft acquired the voice-over IP company, but it’s unclear if that had any effect on the problem. It does, however, highlight that Microsoft will have to deal with this kind of stuff now that it is in charge.

Millions of people and businesses rely on Skype for their communication on a daily basis, and in the past, when any such issues arose the company was quick and eager to respond. Based on today’s event, that quality will remain the same, but if this kind of problem arrives again, there could be growing concerns over the future of Skype under Microsoft.