HTC’s newest phone, the Rhyme, coming Sep 20

We’re getting details on the latest Android phone from HTC, but this one is different than most – it’s designed for women.

While not officially announced by the mobile manufacturer, the phone will reportedly be called the HTC Rhyme. According to a website called HTCInside, this will be the name of a previously discussed phone that had the code-name the HTC Bliss.

HTCInside posted what it claimed was a leaked photo intended to be kept confidential by the press. In addition, HTC just submitted a phone named “Rhyme” to receive certification for the wireless industry standard DLNA.

While little new information has come from the latest speculation, previous rumors concerning the Bliss suggested it would be exclusive to Verizon, a carrier that HTC has been cuddling up to as of late.

HTC is also popular among the Sprint group, but has fewer blockbuster handsets for T-Mobile and AT&T.

What makes this phone appealing to women? That is a question that we’re still trying to figure out as well. However, the white-and-silver design certainly looks more feminine than the traditional sleek black aesthetic we’re used to seeing.

HTC is reportedly holding a major press event in New York City on September 20 to launch the phone. We’ll know the full details then.