HTC wants to bring out your inner Desire HD

Android lover HTC has just introduced a new version of its top-selling Desire phone, with the ability to shoot HD pictures and video.

The Desire HD comes with an 8 megapixel camera and 720p video recording capabilities. Users are also able to playback HD content from other sources on the high-resolution screen.

Additionally, the phone has an improved battery life which HTC claims can “easily” go through an entire day without the need for a recharge. If there’s anything that Android phones have been sorely chided for, it’s weak batteries. The Desire HD employs a new processing chip from Qualcomm that supposedly makes all the operations much less taxing on the battery.

The Desire HD also boots up in just 12 seconds, a significant improvement over the previous Desire’s 45-second load time.

But perhaps the most useful new addition is the phone’s built-in security feature. Without the need for any external app, users can log online to see GPS data of where their phone is, in case it should get lost. There’s also a new Web-based interface that allows users to send a text message to a lost phone.

The latter is part of, a new website for HTC Android phone owners to manage all the content on their device. Other features of the new online portal include archiving text messages and transferring data.

The Desire HD comes pre-installed with Android 2.2 and includes an easy software-based solution to lets users upload content from their old phone so no information is lost.