HTC moves Android storage to the cloud

HTC wants you to start saving your mobile files to the cloud instead of to your phone’s hard drive.

The manufacturer has just partnered up with cloud storage firm Dropbox to bring 5 GB of free cloud storage to anyone who buys an HTC Sense 3.5-equipped phone.

Dropbox offers virtual cloud drives for users who want to back up files and data, and access them from any computer. The service offers 2 GB for free to anyone, but the HTC deal pumps that up to 5 GB.

Sense 3.5 is the company’s latest customized Android interface, and will be launching with the upcoming HTC Rhyme, a phone targeted toward women which is due out in October.

Apple is now toying with mobile cloud solutions after launching iCloud, and Microsoft has a service called Skydrive, which gives Windows Phone users a whopping 25 GB of cloud saving access.

Taking mobile storage to the cloud makes more sense than any other sector of consumer electronics, because by its very nature the content on mobile devices is more likely to need to be accessed elsewhere.

Plus, it’s much easier to replace your content if your phone is lost or stolen. Take it from someone who just recently lost his phone; it’s important.

It will be interesting to see if other manufacturers follow suit and start touting cloud options on Android.