HTC Holiday phone packs a 4.5-inch display

Although not officially confirmed by HTC, it seems the next big thing from the company will be a smartphone called the Holiday.

Hopefully planned for release around the October-December period, the Holiday gives users a full 4.5 inches with which to check out all the latest and greatest Android 2.3-compatible apps.

Images of the device were apparently leaked to Engadget, one of which shows a “myAT&T” app in the menu, leading one to believe this device will be exclusive to AT&T upon launch.

Other technical specs reportedly include a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and both a rear-facing (8-megapixel) and front-facing (1.3-megapixel) camera.

Although HTC is one of the biggest names in Android right now, it does not have a large and storied history with AT&T. Its landmark G1 phone – the first Android phone in the world – came out on T-Mobile and more recently it has been instrumental to Sprint’s advancement of 4G technology with its ‘Evo’ brand.

Yet somehow, even though everyone knows AT&T’s reception and customer service fall at the bottom of the charts, it manages to nab some of the coolest phones.

The Holiday doesn’t appear to be super special, but with Android 2.3, two cameras, and such a large display, we can certainly imagine it being a heralded device for the Christmas marketing bonanza. Stay tuned for the official announcement from HTC in the coming months.