How Your Business can Benefit from Software Testing

Software testing is a great way to optimise business functions, as the processes involve detecting faults before releasing software to a client. Because software testing can be costly, it can be tempting to cut corners and skip this step to reduce expenditure, but testing can also have many benefits which in the long-term, can save your company a lot of time and money.

Your business can benefit from software testing in the following ways:

Improved Quality

It is a pretty straight forward principle: by testing software, your business has the opportunity to remove errors before sending to a client, thus improving the quality of the product. In turn, offering software that is rigorously tested and of high quality can result in an increase in value and consequently, an increase in prices – a huge benefit if you own a start-up company.

Reduced Failure

By running a software test prior to release, it helps to identify any potential bugs, allowing you to fix the issues before the software is in operation, reducing the chance of failure when it reaches the client. This is particularly important if the software will be applied and integrated into an existing programme, as bugs at this stage could cause damage to the entire system, resulting in client and user dissatisfaction.

Boosted Sales

By offering software that is consistently tested, quality checked and free of errors, your business is more likely to receive good word of mouth from clients, who will thus promote your company and products – free marketing at its best! In turn, this could boost your sales, not only helping to bring in new clients, but also helping you to retain them in the long run.

Contented Clients

For any business, regardless of industry, happy clients are essential to company success. Not only will they spread their opinion of your company, but contented clients also means less work and hassle in the long run. By putting in the extra hours and paying for software testing from the likes of Sogeti, your company will save money by avoiding repairs and forgo conversations with unhappy customers.

Better Future Products

Carrying out software testing highlights issues and bugs, allowing your company to remove any errors. When creating future software, employees can use previous testing results to alleviate generic problems when writing, thus reducing the time spent on repairing problems after software testing, leading to the generation of better software products.