How to overclock your Droid for just 99 cents

Have you ever wanted to overclock your rooted Droid X or Droid 2 but just couldn’t be bothered to decipher pages of detailed technical jargon?

Well, you may want to check out the DX/D2 Overclocker app which can be purchased for a sweet 99 cents.

The very reasonably priced app – which overclocks your phone on the fly – is also (eventually) slated to offer OC on boot, along with custom presets.

Although the above-mentioned overclocking app provides only a modest increase in speed, it should be noted that the folks over at Team DeFuse managed to (manually) rev the Droid X from a humble 1 GHz to a blazingly fast 2 GHz. 

Meanwhile, the Droid 2 was overclocked to a staggering 3 GHz from a base speed of just 1 GHz.

Of course, as Asad Rafi of Fone Arena points out, the successful overclocking of the two Motorola Droids proves that they are indeed “true powerhouses” with almost infinite potential. 

Really, could anyone have this much fun with a non-Android smartphone, say a BlackBerry or iPhone?

I seriously doubt it, folks.